Sandra Palmer

Consultant Director

I love changing perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and experience, through the power of well planned and well delivered communications.

I work with global clients with 140,000 employees and organisations with 20 employees – whatever the size or scale, working together to make an impact is immensely satisfying. This has meant that I've had the pleasure of developing communications and engagement strategies on just about every topic in every sector. This included facilitating Boards and executive teams to see the light, and to turn the impossible into the compelling.

I've worked with clients in Europe, the US, UAE and India. For the 20 years before joining Corporate Culture, I held director and senior communications and marketing roles for FTSE 50, Government, government-funded organisations and departments, and the campaigning sector. So I've stood in your shoes. I understand the challenges, the opportunities and the importance of a compelling business case and showing measureable results.

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