Water result!

Earlier this year we posted about the launch of Open Water, a campaign from Water UK, Ofwat and MOSL to raise awareness of the opening-up of the competitive water market to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in England.

Last month, MOSL published detailed information on how the market has changed since the campaign’s April 2017 launch. According to Ofwat’s Chief Executive Cathryn Ross, the figures indicate the campaign has already been a huge success.

“There have been more than 36,000 switches,” she says. “Around 60% of those have come from low water users – more likely to be SMBs. That is significant, because we want to make sure this market works for all customers, not just the very large companies with specialist procurement divisions.

In fact, the campaign has reached beyond businesses that have changed supplier, as Cathryn points out: “In addition to those who have switched, we have heard that many others have agreed new deals with their current retailer.”

These are still comparatively early days for Open Water and the new competitive market, but the results are already speaking volumes.

The full market review is available here

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