Evolving the thinking on customer participation

At its #TappedIn event in London on 22nd March, Ofwat launched the Customer Participation report for the water sector. Corporate Culture was commissioned to research, write and produce this in-depth investigation.

Customer participation is an increasingly powerful tool, harnessed by organisations in many industries to better engage customers in service design, behaviour change initiatives and the service experience. There are huge benefits that come from this approach, including improved customer trust, better customer service, higher customer satisfaction and improved commercial results.

This new piece of research and strategic guidance explores a variety of customer participation topics, including:

  • How to co-imagine and co-create the future of water services with customers
  • How to empower communities to improve their relationships with water
  • The barriers and motivations to customer participation
  • The role of innovative technologies in enhancing customer participation
  • And case studies from other sectors of customer participation best practice.

Ultimately, the report helps sector companies to understand the importance of enabling passive water customers to become active participants. It was very well received at #TappedIn.

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