Critical Contributions

How on earth do you share sustainability priorities in a way that drives engagement and action?

WWF's 'Truly Global' initiative aims to drive the evolution of the WWF Network to enhance its ability to deliver outcomes and impact, and achieve its mission and strategic goals. We have worked with WWF on a number of its Truly Global transformational initiatives, including Critical Contributions.

Critical Contributions empowers WWF country offices to maximise the fundraising and ecological impacts of their activities by defining their most compelling priorities, and aligning them to the wider value they bring to the WWF Network. We developed a strategic planning toolkit and bespoke infographics to help each office define its sustainability strategy and tell the story of its critical contribution in an engaging and eye-catching visual snapshot.

We also used the Critical Contributions visual language to create an engaging animated film to bring to life WWF’s New Funding Model. This has been rolled out across the Network and is now helping employees to embrace the new Model, and support the delivery of maximum conservation impact.