Water UK

Open Water

How on earth do you engage businesses in a whole new market?

We were asked by industry body Water UK to help engage 1.2 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in England with the newly ‘opened-up’ competitive water market, which would enable them to shop around for the best water deal. The challenge lay in quickly developing a campaign that could reach a specific audience profile with a clear and compelling proposition, whilst maximising ROI.

In response, we created a simple, but distinctive campaign look-and-feel, and used a combination of factual and motivational messaging to maximise cut-through. To ensure our campaign reached as many business owners and decision makers as possible, we took a highly agile and targeted approach to online marketing, with a mix of specialised media channels such as Teads video, Radium One, Captify, LinkedIn and trade media sites.

The campaign, which ran across a ten-week period, outperformed its targets across every medium, reaching over 5.4 million potential decision makers in the SMB sector, and generating 37,425 direct click-throughs to open-water.org.uk. In addition, the campaign exceeded all industry benchmark performance metrics and delivered added value to the client in the form of 1.7 million bonus impressions (not including those via LinkedIn).