Lawn Tennis Association

Tennis Is

How on earth do you get more people playing more often?

We all love a bit of tennis during Wimbledon fortnight – especially the sunshine, strawberries and homegrown success. But how do you turn that passion into increased participation in the sport? That was the challenge facing the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and its charitable arm, The Tennis Foundation. When they asked for our help, we were happy to serve.

We gathered audience insight to understand common barriers, motivators and behaviours. This informed a messaging framework, on themes of fitness, access, affordability and lifestyle, and shaped the Tennis Is brand and campaign, which captures the energy and excitement of the game using a dynamic and diverse photographic approach. Campaign creative spanned a volley of materials – from posters and leaflets to interactive digital channels.

Tennis Is contributed to building healthier communities with a 10% increase in the number of participants in pilot areas playing tennis in public courts and parks – a key driver for the campaign. In addition, we delivered a series of capacity building and training sessions that are helping the LTA’s field team to incorporate behaviour change principles and processes within future campaign activity.