Resource Efficient Scotland

A bold new brand

How on earth do you build a brand that’s more than the sum of its parts?

Organisations across Scotland could save around £2.9 billion every year by using water, energy and raw materials more efficiently. Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘Resource Efficient Scotland’ service combines specialist support on the three sustainability streams to help businesses do exactly that. But it needed a brand with overarching clarity, and sufficient flexibility to appeal to businesses, the public sector and charity organisations.

Informed by insight from audience testing, we created a vibrant circular motif to capture the sustainable benefits of using the service. This core identity contains a myriad of contextual icons, each illustrating the many little things we can all do to use less energy, water and raw materials. This was supported by brand iconography, an engaging strapline, and a set of brand guidelines.

Alongside a range of print and online materials, we created an engaging animated film of the brand in action, which was used to launch Resource Efficient Scotland and capture the imagination of organisations across the nation, as well as employees delivering the service. A resourceful approach all round.