Community Life

How on earth do you make a store the heart of its community?

When Asda wanted to use its stores to improve customer and community wellbeing, while actively engaging customers and colleagues, the answer was the ‘Community Life’ programme. Community Life would enable Asda to engage with customers on local issues, incorporate fundraising and charity voting, enable community groups to use meeting spaces in stores, and introduce in-store ambassadors.

We worked with Asda to create the Community Life strategy, and an engaging and distinctive look and feel that captured the essence of the campaign while still sitting comfortably within the broader corporate guidelines. We then brought this to life with in-store Community Life hubs that incorporate key campaign news and the voting mechanism for local causes. Stores were also supported with a range of toolkits, and branded apparel for colleagues.

After a hugely successful pilot in a number of Asda’s larger stores, Community Life was rolled out to more than 500 locations, encompassing thousands of employees and their associated communities. And since the launch of the campaign, customers have used the check-out voting tokens to help Asda distribute many thousands of pounds to deserving local causes – helping to build happier, healthier communities nationwide.