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So, if you're asking how on earth do you persuade people to:

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  • Recycle more
  • Save energy
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23 Mar 2016


As we continue to add major names to our client roster, we are looking to expand our team of full time project directors and project managers, and also add to a roster of freelance support.

How to motivate millions - book now for January

We are now taking bookings for our next Behaviour Change course which takes place in central London on Wednesday, 27th January 2016.

Like all of our courses, How to Motivate Millions is based on a combination of exploration, sharing latest thinking, case studies and the practical application of powerful new tools.


Exciting opportunity

11 Dec 2015

Exciting opportunity

We have a vacancy available for a Project Manager here at the Corporate Culture Group. 

The job will be based in our Liverpool office and provides a great opportunity to work with our experienced team on varied and interesting projects and a host of blue chip clients.

Food not so glorious waste

Waste has slowly become a resource in the UK, whilst in many countries - generally with poorer economies, but great ingenuity and creativity - waste has always been a resource where every scrap and element of unwanted products or bi-products has a value.   

September's roundtable event

September's roundtable took place in central London with guests attending from across the private, public and third sector.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Shaun Davis, Group Director of Safety, Health, Well-being & Sustainability at Royal Mail.


When three isn't a crowd

What impact can crowdsourcing have in increasing engagement and action on social, environmental and economic issues?

Crowdsourcing, which provides the opportunity for people to become involved, share ideas, contribute their services, skills and resources, has lead to positive examples ranging from simple innovations through to providing the catalyst for movements and forces for effective change

Zero Suicide in Cheshire and Merseyside vision launched

Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health Collaborative (Champs) launched a bold plan this last week to eliminate suicide in the region. The NO MORE zero suicide strategy aims to make suicide prevention a key priority for collective action by connecting and transforming health and social care organisations, communities and individuals to improve mental health and reduce the number of deaths by suicide to zero across Cheshire and Merseyside.

BITC Responsible Business Award winners

It was great to see some of our clients and contacts receiving well earned recognition for their responsible business efforts last week at the BITC Awards.

‘Rewiring the Economy’

That’s the title of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s (CISL) new ten year plan to lay the foundations of a sustainable economy.

We were delighted to be involved with this landmark report and even more excited about the interest it caused at the launch last week.

New circular economy report

A new report on the circular economy was launched recently by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.The announcement says: 

"A circular economy vision for a competitive Europe reveals that by adopting circular economy principles, Europe can take advantage of the impending technology revolution to create a net benefit of €1.8 trillion by 2030, or €0.9 trillion more than in the current linear development path. This would be accompanied by better societal outcomes including an increase of €3,000 in household income, a reduction in the cost of time lost to congestion by 16%, and a halving of carbon dioxide emissions compared with current levels. 

We're top again!

01 Jul 2015

We're top again!

This week we were pleased to hear that we are the only Liverpool agency to make the top ten agencies listing in this year’s Prolific North compilation.
Recycle Week this week

Today sees the start of Recycle Week 2015.

This year's theme is recycling round the home.   

Love your Clothes

18 Jun 2015

Love your Clothes

Imagine a pair of old trousers you could throw on the compost. After years of use, they could decompose among the egg shells and tea bags to leave behind nothing but some fertile soil to help grow new raw materials.

It takes the circular economy to a whole new level.

Innovations from CRUK

11 Jun 2015

Innovations from CRUK

Cancer Research has come up with an innovative way to boost its research efforts by asking millions of UK mobile gamers to help it analyse cell samples with their latest game called Reverse the Odds.

The charity has built three mobile games that follow a freemium model. But instead of charging players to unlock new levels, they must analyse and categorise cell samples instead. 

How we motivate millions

Back in March, we launched the latest in our series of sustainable success reports ‘Human’ at The Royal Society in central London.

'Human' is a pioneering and powerful new report that draws together a wealth of cutting-edge science and emerging research into what drives behaviours and decision making.

BLOG: Made in Chelsea

22 May 2015

BLOG: Made in Chelsea

As the 103rd RHS Chelsea Flower Show draws to a close, I am left wondering about the sustainability of the concept – a show of nature.

The natural environment finds its own way of sustaining and evolving, and we need to adapt how we garden and grow due to the impact of a changing climate.  However, should we be creating amazing spaces and show gardens, and using resources, for a week each year?

Doggy bags are ‘Good to go’

After a hugely successful pilot to offer diners doggy bags the ‘Good to go’ campaign we developed with Zero Waste Scotland is set to be extended across Scotland, as announced by the Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.

BITC’s 2015 CR Index

Business in the Community has recently released the results from their 13th annual Corporate Responsibility Index survey.

BLOG: The day after the vote

Do politicians get change? On Friday we’ll find out.

There are, I believe, seven key questions that will help reveal the answer.

Want to motivate millions? Sign up here

MOTIVATING MILLIONS: How on Earth’s brand new subscription service has launched.

And signing up gives you exclusive FREE access to the groundbreaking Human report.

Earth Day 2015 - a call to action

Today is Earth Day - a call to action. A call for us to take the lead so world leaders can follow our example in securing a sustainable future. 

The Earth Day Network had previously launched the ‘Billion Acts of Green’ in 2010 and now they want to continue the momentum created to reach the next billion.  

Behaviour change innovations: Security Mums

You may have heard about the Brazilian football club that employed fans’ mothers to act as stewards with the intention that their presence would discourage supporters from fighting.

Clothes become more sustainable

Cotton makes up a third of fibre consumption in the textile industry, according to a global apparel fibre consumption report. 

The cotton production industry is labour intensive and involves a lot of sweat, chemicals and fresh water.

Could a number of innovations from natural sources and raw materials compete with the unsustainable product of the cotton plant?   

Motivating Millions: the four (noble) truths

To borrow from the teachings of Buddha, there are four (noble) truths of organisational change. Unless you know the probable future (without change) you cannot prepare for it. Unless you define your preferred future you cannot bring it to life.

The only way to bring it to life is if people act. Achieving change is a way, a path or a process.

Do YOU feel like you’re having to MOTIVATE MILLIONS to secure business success?

You’re not alone in this. Inevitably, successful businesses need dynamism and responsiveness – a willingness to embrace the future. All of which fundamentally means change.

But when making the case for business change, it is often an enormous undertaking. It is a long journey: from strategic planning, employee and stakeholder engagement, to the execution of the new initiatives. 

How on Earth do you Motivate Millions to join Meat Free Week?

So, this week is Meat Free Week. ‘What could this possibly be?’ I hear you ask. The answer: ‘A global campaign which encourages people to think about how much meat they eat, and the impact of eating so much’.

Consequently, people are realising that eating too much meat can negatively impact on their health, animal welfare and the environment. 

BLOG: World Water Day 2015

What is water? I don’t want to bang on about the obvious. Water is life, end of. It’s the essence of everything. It’s the most essential of our basic human needs, fundamental to our survival.

And I’m scared.

By 2030, global water supplies will satisfy only 60% of demand. Within just 15 years, we will see major global water shortages.


How to achieve real change

Plans are now in the final stages for the launch event of the latest in our series of sustainable success reports.

The event is being held at The Royal Society in central London on the morning of Tuesday, 17th March.

BLOG: No Smoking Day: do we need a national trigger to quit?

Are you "Proud to be a quitter?" and model your success to others or are you trapped in a dissonant smoky prison? Or maybe you’re sensible enough to have never started smoking in the first place.

Whatever your perspective, it’s time for another day of mass abstinence. I have to question the point. Do we really need a national “trigger” to quit?

World Wildlife Day

05 Mar 2015

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day took place on Tuesday this week.

The day, observed each year on 3rd March, provides the ideal opportunity for people to: celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora; think about the privileged interactions between wildlife and populations across the globe, and raise awareness of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime, which has wide-ranging economic, environmental and social impacts.


Our work

WRAP: Love Food Hate Waste

How on earth do you reduce food waste?

Our work

Anglian Water: Love Every Drop

How on earth do you change people's relationship with water?

Our work

ASDA: Community Life

How on earth do you make a store the heart of its community?

Our work

WRAP: Recycle Now

How on earth do you increase household recycling?

Our work

Diabetes UK

How on earth do you create brand transformation for a campaigning charity?

Our work

Anglian Water: Keep it clear

How on earth do you cut sewer blockages?

Our work

NHS: Choose well

How on earth do you reduce pressure on emergency services?

Our work

Tennis Foundation: Tennis is

How on earth do you get more people playing?






Attend a round table

Based on the principle that people make faster progress by openly sharing their knowledge. Our round table network provides a variety of platforms that allow leaders to learn, contribute and collaborate.

Interesting topics include:

  • How can we achieve radical change towards a re-use economy?
  • How refreshing core products can create new markets?
  • How can the arts contribute to a successful society and economy?

Order a Sustainable Success Report

Our Sustainable Success report series delves deep into the what, why, where, when, who and how of long-term business success. The four reports include:

  • Motivating Millions – findings from new original research into sustainable behaviour change (available now)
  • Reason – an executive guide to the probable future (available now)
  • Human – new insights into the human operating system (available now)
  • Transformation – seven steps to sustainable success (coming soon)
  • Action – how to achieve sustainable behaviour change (coming soon)

Plan a training session or workshop

We provide training and development services and tools to many of our clients, helping them nurture in-house talent and improve processes. Popular sessions include:

  • Sustainable Behaviour Change
  • Transformation Planning
  • Special Executive Briefing

We also develop a range of bespoke training programmes and toolkits for our clients.


Access key behaviour change tools

We have over 100 tools and techniques we have developed over the years and we know clients find these useful time and time again. From analysing the root cause, crafting compelling campaign logic to measurement frameworks.