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Water result!

18 Sep 2017

Water result!

Earlier this year we posted about the launch of Open Water. Last month, MOSL published detailed information on how the market has changed since the launch… and it’s good news!

Using insight to deliver killer creative

In a world full of communication channels and touchpoints, insight into your audience could be the key to helping you achieve cut-through and memorability in all your creative work.

Customer participation – shaping your business around your customers

Our Chairman John Drummond explores the four big ideas behind the 'Tapped In' report, and how they are relevant for every business, not just for the water sector.

Cocoa and Celebrations: How to develop a sustainable supply chain

Our 21st March roundtable gathered business leaders from many sectors for a lively session on sustainable supply chains, with a fascinating keynote from Sarah Schaefer, Global Sustainability Director of Mars Chocolate on developing strategies for change.

Evolving the thinking on customer participation

Customer participation is an increasingly powerful tool, harnessed by organisations in many industries to better engage customers in service design, behaviour change initiatives and the service experience. With this in mind, we were recently commissioned by Ofwat to research and produce an in-depth report and guide on increasing customer participation in the water sector.

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